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National Pronto Adds New Member in Puerto Rico


Grapevine, Texas – National Pronto Association is pleased to announce the addition of Ignition & Fuel Systems, Corp. to the Pronto Group. Ignition & Fuel Systems, Corp. is Pronto’s first member in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Ignition & Fuel Sytems was founded in 1989 and has five company stores which service over 600 jobbers in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands. Frank Arenal is President of the corporation.

National Pronto Association is a North American shareholder owned organization headquartered in Grapevine, Texas. Pronto was formed in 1979 and is a leading Program Distribution group with over one billion in sales, with a focus on marketing, technology, and buying. Pronto has 93 Shareholders with 168 distribution center locations in USA, Canada, and Mexico. Questions regarding Pronto membership should be directed to Murray Sullivan, Director of Business Development. Murray can be reached at 800-477-6686 or by email



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