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Unicor Joins Pronto

Press Release

May 6, 2002
National Pronto Association
Justin, Texas

Unicor Joins Pronto Team

National Pronto Association is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors of Unicor Marketing Group has agreed in principle to merge with Pronto. Unicor consists of 11 principal warehouse members and is primarily organized as a program distribution group for distributors who sell through their own member locations. National Pronto has 42 principal warehouse members. Pronto members distribute through company stores and independent jobbers.

The combined membership will have 53 owner / members with more than 150 distribution center locations. Together the sales volume of the combined membership will exceed $500 million. National Pronto Association is a member owned and directed program distribution group governed by a Board of Directors and four active committees – Product, Marketing & Advertising, Computer & Technology, and Paint Body and Equipment.

National Pronto and Unicor distribute many of the same nationally branded product lines and offer similar marketing programs. National Pronto will support both marketing and private brand programs to allow new-member growth without causing market conflicts. Pronto markets under the “SmartChoice Advantage Program” and Unicor markets under the “VIP Tech Center” program. The private brands that will be supported are “Pronto” and “Autotec1”.

The headquarters of National Pronto Association is in Justin, Texas, a northern suburb of Fort Worth. Organized in 1979, Pronto is headed up by Bill Maggs, who can be reached at (800) 477-6686 and via e-mail:



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